FEKRA started with an idea of providing quality consultancy services that are difficult to find. But everything we do has a vision behind it. What we are, where we are and the direction we are following all have started with a vision back in 2008. When we wanted to provide world class consultancy support to the organizations in France. With that vision we decided to have a humble beginning. We wanted to ensure that quality is the first and foremost consideration of whatever we do. And with a principal we started our journey and we have made significant progress.

From the beginning of our journey we have seen good times, bad times, ups and downs. In spite of every hurdle we faced we have achieved a remarkable revenue growth of 1000% and we believe this is just the beginning. We have worked with some of the most prominent organizations of the world including billion dollar companies. And the number of satisfied clients is growing.

And today I must confess that our vision has becoming bigger and we are looking forward to begin international operations in near future.

With your support and cooperation we believe we can continue to momentum and achieve more than we can even dream.

Thank you.
FEKRA Consulting

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