ReToday’s retailers are confronted by savvy, smartphone-toting consumers and an uncertain economic future. Shifts in the supply chain require wholesale distributors to operate more efficiently. Our Retail, Wholesale & Distribution practice consulting offers insights and services tailored for your organization.

It’s a time of reinvention in the retail industry. New players and established giants are embracing digital technologies, many in innovative ways that go beyond online shopping—creating new channels, improving supply chain and delivery, making customer contact more meaningful. For consumer and industrial products, the challenges and opportunities are inspiring new approaches and bold thinking.

FEKRA’s Retail, Wholesale & Distribution Consulting practitioners can help you stay ahead of the changes, make the bold decisions, and stay informed, so you can earn the rewards of market share and customer loyalty as the transformation unfolds.

Drawing on our research and experience in retail and distribution strategy, operations, finance, IT, and talent, we see the emergence of four critical issues in the industry that our retail and distribution consulting services can support:

Driving growth and profitability in a disrupted environment
Winning the demand-driven customer
The digital supply chain
Retail talent disrupted
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