Data Management

Data Gouvernance

Data quality if one of the most important issues for companies. We help our clients define a global approach for data management, data processing and data control.

Reference data quality is essential within companies. This is why Master Data Management and governance are a priority.

So, in the age of Big Data, we need to integrate intelligent solutions used to interpret the meaning and value of data. We support our clients in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning components in order to develop Expert Systems able to make decisions or design predictive methods and trends in different areas.

Master Data Management

Master Data Management is a major issue and one of the most complex challenges for companies. Big Data Sources, Data Volume Management and Cloud Architecture make this reference data reliability task very complex.

We support our clients in the Master Data Management (MDM) design and creation process.

The objective is to make reference data reliable and place them in the center of the IT system to allow clients to :

– reduce operating costs,
– streamline data processing by eliminating rudundant data,
– make delivery management and continuous delivery (DevOps) more efficient thanks to data reliability,
– make compliance projects and regulatory projects easier,
– make the relationship with the different actors (clients, partners…) reliable,
– make Marketing reliable: generate a complete and real-time view of each client. MDM generates ‘golden records’ that provide marketing specialists with accurate and up-to- date information to allow them to customize Web pages or contextual information (for example, on describing the products bought by the web users at the same time as the product you are considering developing;
– make Reporting reliable.

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