Infrastructure Management Cloud Services

We support our clients to allow them to take advantage of all the power and flexibility of cloud computing.

From migration to cloud optimisation and operating, “FEKRACloud Infrastructure Management” manages their clients’ Cloud infrastructure and provides great added value in terms of agility, rate implementation, cost control, and innovation.

We offer all compagnies (small and medium-size companies, intermediate-size companies, major groups) to migrate their IT to the cloud, manage their applications and develop new functionalities directly on the cloud.

Our approach is based on three basic axes


Study IT architecture and system, and define migration objectives (complete/

Define the target architecture, assess costs, and implement the migration plan.


Support our clients in Infrastructure, Performance Monitoring and Cloud Cost Mamagement. That means implementing tools and processes to manage all the aspects of the Cloud Infrastructure: Cost, Security, Reliability, Performance.

Define and validate the migration approach.


Enhance scalability thanks to an Agile and DevOps approach, and the automation of Cloud Infrastructure Management processes.

Define and validate the migration approach


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