By giving the Finance department the necessary agility for its digital transformation, AI Suite is at the heart of new projects related to the Finance Information System.

Our clients are increasingly seeking service providers to help them across the entire spectrum of these projects: Assistance to the Project Owner, Project Management, accounting, and technical services.

Today we are pleased to announce that Fekra Consulting has joined the Axway Partner Program and created an entity dedicated to the integration of accounting information systems using Axway’s AI Suite. Read more about AI Suite on the Cloud, changing the rules of the game!

About the Fekra Group

Fekra Group is an IT services company specialized in consulting, implementation, and maintenance of software solutions.

The 200 consultants present in France and abroad support its customers in their digital transformation projects to help them optimize, evolve, and maintain their business processes with innovative and agile technologies in the domains of services, manufacturing, banking, and insurance.

For more than 10 years, Fekra has been helping its customers in their IS integration projects, their experience allows them to be proactive in the management of problems, and to find the solution adapted to the requirements of each company.

Fekra’s entrepreneurial spirit drives it to develop a strong and close partnership with customers, promoting team spirit, but also respecting, adopting, and contributing to the culture and values of customers.

Some Fekra consultants have already had the opportunity to work with the AI Suite solution for their customers and are now beginning a training process to obtain their Axway vendor certification.


The objective is to be eligible for AI Suite integration projects and to become a recognized partner in many sectors including manufacturing.

On the Fekra side, the partnership is led by Guillaume Rozier, Global Strategic Sales Director at Fekra.

Mr. Rozier stated, “We work closely and transparently with Axway. Our banking and insurance customers are already using the AI Suite. The solution allows them to gain agility in considering changes in business models, applications handling the business event, tools, and accounting rules.

In addition, at a time of digital transformation of the finance function, AI Suite is key to facilitating migration projects to the Cloud, as well as ensuring data quality.

Today, this type of project concerns all our customers, and CloudMyGL, Axway’s accounting ERP migration solution, can also be of interest to our customers in the industrial sector.”

Corine Parisot is in charge of Alliances for AI Suite confirms:

“Fekra Consulting can support AI Suite customers throughout the entire implementation chain of the solution and beyond, to ensure business and regulatory changes but also to develop use cases for AI Suite to serve the business needs of Finance Departments. A training and certification program for its consultants confirms Fekra Consulting’s commitment and its belief in the value of AI Suite.” 

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