Patches, version upgrades and functional changes represent the life cycle of information systems. In order to keep a high level of quality, it is essential to launch test campaigns every time you intervene on the system to ensure non-regression, not only functional but also technical. The automation of these tests will necessarily bring added value to customers by improving quality and optimising resources.

So, can we conclude that all clients use automated testing? Based on Fekra Global Services’ experience feedback, the answer is NO, especially for functional tests. That’s understandable.

Many tools exist today to perform technical tests, whether they are unit tests, load tests, acceptance tests, etc.
However, from a functional point of view, it is different: we can note a gap between clients’ functional expectations and existing solutions.

The main obstacle is transition: how to move from manual to automated tests, how can hundreds of scenarios written to be executed by a human be understandable and executable by a robot? That is the missing link today and, in this context, Fekra Global Services has introduced its new automated testing tool: Procenium.


Procenium is Fekra Global Services’ tool to perform functional and technical automated tests.

From a functional point of view, Procenium is based on a specific logic for writing test scenarios. The logic is:

1 test scenario = 1 test case

In most manual scenarios today, the logic is:

1 test scenario = N test cases

What does it mean?
You need to use more ‘IF… THEN’… in a same scenario.

Think process!

To make Procenium efficient, you must think process when writing a test scenario. A process is a series of reusable actions in different scenarios.

Key success factors

The key factor of the process is its granularity. A well-designed process is a process implemented only once without any evolution of any kind in time and that can be used several times in different scenarios.

In order to be able to design these processes, different actors must be involved:

Fekra Global Services
Test Analyst: Rephrases the scenario if necessary
Developer: Implements processes
Business Analyst: writes the scenario
Business: defines functional needs

The collaboration between the client’s business analyst and Fekra’s test analyst and
Fekra Global Services’ test analyst is essential for process design and pooling of test scenarios.


If the processes were well designed, once deployed, the client could then create new test scenarios with no development, the only requirement would be to compose the processes.

Procenium Architecture

Procenium technical stack

Test toolSelenium web driver customised version
Reporting toolXML, HTML
Test runnerTestNG
Build toolmaven
CI tooljenkins
Runtime environmentDocker-Zalenium
Scenario writingMarkdown files

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