Client Communication Management

Client Communication Management (CCM) includes all services and technologies that enable document composition, management and distribution (PDF, Html, paper…) for the companies that use it.

Documents are the privileged intermediaries between companies and their clients. They are the first means of communication.

Fekra Global Services provides Desktop Publishing solutions with the main CCM editors (Open Print, HP exstream, BDOC…). Starting from the business and functional analysis study, while implementing the technical architecture of the solution, we assist our clients through all phases to implement Desktop Publishing Workflows.

We create your customized customer experience document process associated with the overall vision of the entire document life:

  • Document receipt and entry, Document Data Extraction with
  • OCR and Artificial Intelligence
  • Document composition and assembly, and DMS workflow
  • Document digitization and Digital signature
  • Electronic archiving and probative value EDRMS.

We assist our clients through all phases of the document cycle life: operating support, technical expertise, steering assistance and change management for all business areas.


Document input stream


OCR Data
Extraction and


Probative value EDRMS



Sébastien MINOTTI – Desktop-Publishing Expert

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